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Best funny boomer jokes about family and relationship

Today, Thumbs Up Jokes presents to you what they call boomer jokes. The jokes are primarily about men with their boomer-type views on marriage and relationships. The Boomer humor very often views marriage as an inescapable, torturous arrangement. Now, while this may not make sense to genZ or even millennials, Boomers rarely practice divorce. But I truly believe that Boomers are also just more sarcastic about life in general, and while they make these jokes, they still really love their spouses. In the end, humor for them is just something helping to cope with the ever-changing world and the trends that come and go, and focus on something that will be there forever: the family relationship.

Here is a joke showcasing a sarcastic way to look at the new fancy trend.

A joke about raw food diet. Joke about wife cooking

A boomer-style joke about marriage after 25 years.

Boomer joke about silver jubilee

A constant argument with the spouse seems to be inescapable once you have lived together for many years. And sometimes it feels like there is no way to win it.

Joke about husband arguing with wife

Another common trait of boomer jokes is the relationship with the mother-in-law, as you have to accept her frequent visits and pretend you love her.

Boomer joke about mother-in-law

Men indeed have something unique they can bring in to raise children :)

Funny joke about son and dad in sauna

And another boomer joke about the joy of escaping a long-term marriage.

Funny boomer joke about wife leaving a man

Men do love to talk about girls. Especially when they finally escape their wife and have a night out with their buddies at a bar.

Funny joke about men talking about women

But when men spend a long time without women around, they start to feel something is missing. So while they do make all those jokes about marriage, they do need someone who cares for them and loves them.

Funny joke about man coming home from Africa

Cheating on each other is another theme that is very common in boomer jokes. And what can you expect when you cannot divorce as you have "strong moral principles."

Funny joke about wife cheating

Some men do find a way to escape the boring family routine.

Funny joke about husband tricking his wife

This man does not get it. Very often, Boomer jokes depict men as a bit slow to get things :)

Funny joke about stupid husband

And yet another Boomer joke about cheating. In this case, it seems everyone cheats on each other, and everyone hides this fact.

Funny boomer joke about wife cheating on husband. Husband cheating too.

In the end, boomers understand that the person that they lived together with for the past 30-40 years is the only closest person that is left in this world. The kids are married and live with their families. Parents have long passed away. And you have that one person who you went through so much with. They say it is a different kind of love, but it is also the strongest one. Hope you enjoyed our Boomer jokes. Don't forget to subscribe for more jokes.

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