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Best funny jokes about lawyers, judges, and hearings in court

Thumbs Up Jokes presents the best funny jokes about lawyers, judges, and hearings in court.

I was always fond of court movies, the battles between attorneys and prosecutors trying to outsmart each other, and the game attorneys play with the jury. Court hearings present a lot of material for funny jokes about lawyers, the twists in defending the client, funny sayings, and logic used by attorneys to defend a client who is definitely guilty.

So, today, we will laugh over the best funny jokes about lawyers, judges, and hearings in court.

Cornering or tricking a person into answering a question in a specific way is a very common way to interrogate witnesses in court. The joke below makes fun of the person in court escaping from being cornered to answer in a specific way.

A joke about judge demanding "yes" or "no" answers

When in court, make sure the story you tell to the judge makes logical sense :)

A joke about a judge talking to defendant

In the below joke, just a bit on an absurd humor related to court, judge, and prison.

A joke about judge and convicts who escaped the prison

Lawyers often need the help of detectives to find a person or collect evidence. Just make sure you trust this detective.

Joke about a lawyer and detective

Now, all is clear from the speech of the lawyer below. Clearly, the client is just a victim of circumstances :)

A joke about lawyer's speech in court

Getting their clients out of prison may need extreme actions.

Joke about a lawyer defending a client in court

Another joke about the lawyer presenting his client as a victim of circumstances and his parent raising him.

A joke about mother testifying about her son

Now that is some solid logic used by the attorney. Clearly, the defendant is not guilty. Release him right away!

Funny joke about lawyer and his logical speech in court

Personally knowing the judge does not automatically mean you are in less trouble.

Joke about judge and defendant

The last joke is about a lawyer defending his client. Again, the lawyer uses his logic to make a case that the defendant's rights were broken :)

Joke about lawyers and judges

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