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Best funny jokes about kids and funny kids situations

Thumbs Up Jokes presents to you the funniest jokes about kids and jokes about funny situations with kids.

Kids are a lot of fun and can generate a lot of funny situations. But that's not it: kids are great at observing surroundings and relationships with that critical unblurred view. And when they comment on something, they don't go around the bush; they just tell the truth. The truth is sometimes uncomfortable. But that unblurred honesty is what makes it funny.

Here is an example joke about that unblurred honesty coming from the mouth of the kid.

Funny joke about son and mom. Son does not want to eat.

Kids learn quickly, and they ask a lot of questions. Sometimes you don't even know how to answer those questions.

Funny joke about boy and grandmother reading a fairy tale.

Conversations with grandparents are a separate topic. Sometimes grannies can be real trouble-makers.

Funny joke about boy visiting his grandparents.

Without parents helicoptering, kids can be their true selves at school.

Funny joke about children at school.

The grandparents are probably seen as some kind of ancient pharaohs by the grandchildren. Well, what did you expect? They were born before Google and even before computers were made.

Funny joke about a girl and her grandmother.

Kids can observe things that we think we hide. This can create truly awkward situations.

Funny joke about son asking questions about sex.

Teaching kids math can backfire.

Fun joke about dad teaching son to count.

Oh! Those kids!

Funny joke about boy swallowing a mouse.

The kid below is clearly skipping his homework and practicing something else instead.

Funny joke about a boy at school

What can be better than sharing your troubles with your best friend? :)

Funny joke about boy sitting on painted bench.

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