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The best funny jokes about COVID

Now that COVID is hopefully almost past us, we can look back and have some laughs about that time when we sat at home, were afraid to go out and to meet each other. Obviously, COVID was a serious thing. But this is what people do: first they are afraid, then when they reach safe distance, they start laughing about it.

Anyway, without further ado, Thumbs Up Jokes presents to you: Best funny jokes about COVID and quarantine.

We will put jokes in a bit of a story about COVID so that maybe in 30 years our children read these jokes and learn the history of what happened.

First, let's start with a joke about how COVID began. Obviously, this is just a joke:
Joke about COVID and Wuhan

Everyone was afraid of COVID so much that COVID was considered the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Joke about COVID and person coughing

Do you remember the thing called "Asymptomatic Coronavirus?" Still don't know if I had it that year.

Joke about asymptomatic coronavirus

Coronavirus statistics was a thing. Really not clear how to calculate if they say many people carry it with no symptoms.

Joke about COVID statistics

Also, it was not 100% clear if we counted cases correctly:

Joke about COVID statistics and deaths from COVID

There was a thing with people when everyone was policing each other making sure everyone wears a mask.

Joke about COVID. Joke about masking

It was a real year of the rat:

Joke about the year of the rat. Joke about COVID

At least, COVID happened in 2020 when we had smartphones with social networks and games to play while in self-isolation.

Funny joke about COVID

Masking was a thing. Even dog's were wondering what has happened :)

Funny joke about masking. Best jokes about COVID

But masking was a problem for some:

Funny joke about wearing mask

To fight COVID, a completely new type of vaccine was used. This caused some people to distrust the vaccine and the companies that created it with fierce battles on social media between those who vaccinated and those who did not want to (called "anti-vaxxers").

Funny joke about vaccine trials

Doctors were so scared of COVID that they went 100% virtual and did not want to see patients in person. This was probably very interesting experience for gynecologists and proctologists. I can imagine how patients stands with their back towards the camera on the laptop :)

Funny joke about calling a doctor

People had to fight for their right to see the doctor :)

Funny joke about doctors and COVID. Doctors don't want to meet patients

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed our jokes and had some fun.

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