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Top 10 funny jokes about doctors and medical jokes

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Thumbs Up Jokes presents "Best doctor's jokes and medical jokes."

Many people are afraid of doctors and hospitals. And what is the best way to battle your fear? Of course, laugh about it. So, today we present to you jokes from doctors' practice, and funny situations with patients at doctors' offices and hospitals.

Sometimes doctors have trouble with patients understanding them:

Joke about doctor trying to diagnose a patient with alcoholism

Some people generally dislike doctors and doctors have to thoroughly check their gifts :)

Joke about patient appreciating his doctor

Obviously, doctors must have good sense of humor. Often, doctors lean towards dark sarcasm.

Sarcastic doctor joke. Joke about snake bite

Nurses at the hospitals also can have a good sense of humor. Or maybe they just take orders literally?

Medical joke. Joke about a nurse taking patient to the morgue

Well, sometimes quality of the service at a hospital varies. Here is a joke about that.

Joke making fun about service quality at a hospital

Another situation at a hospital. Lucky the window was closed.

Joke about hospital, doctor, and dystrophics. Joke about dystrophic

Oh, those self-medicating patients! Just let professionals do their job!

Funny joke about patient self-medicating. Funny joke about nurse

Pharmacists can sell you stuff that can fix a lot of problems, but not the one below.

Funny joke about pharmacist. Funny joke about healing mud

But then, in an effort to help, they can go too extreme.

Funny joke about pharmacist, funny joke about cat

But in the end, doctors and nurses are there to help us.

Joke about hospital, doctor, and dystrophics. Joke about dystrophic

Hope you had some fun. Come again!

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